Online Studio Drummer

"A great recording always starts with a great sounding drum track"

Your Drum machines aren't cutting it and you need some real drum recordings as soon as possible?

Recording Drums can be a complex, expensive and time consuming process. Online Studio Drummer offers live drums recorded on demand, at a reasonable price and fast. It`s pretty simple and I will make the process easy and enjoyable for you.
Upload your tracks and I record complete drum and percussion parts to your song and email a preview back. After the recording process is finished and the Drumtrack satisfies your needs, you send payment securely through PayPal or via bank transfer.

My name is Joern Schwarzburger and I am the drummer, engineer and studio owner of Online Studio Drummer.
With almost two decades of tour and session drumming experience, I bring passion, excellence and quality to the web and provide professional drum tracks at “indie band budget” rates from my private studio in Hamburg, Germany.


Clients of Online Studio Drummer

Carl Carlton I Rene Noçon I Max Buskohl I Universal Music I BMG I Yessian Music I MisterME I Rupert Keplinger I Witty Music I white horse music I Antitype I 3 Chord Society I Toastar I Kolja I the dark grizzly I Randolph´s Grin I emily falls I Bassel Hallak I Sündenrausch I Into my Vault I granada74 I Odyssey Moth I K.I.N.C.H. I Nick Nowottny I LA Records I Manuel Preuss I P.A.N. I the Peons I JLJ I Leroy Jönsson I Geronimo I Cargo I black water complex and many others...