What is Online Studio Drummer?

Online Studio Drummer was born in the early 2000s out of the desire of musicians and producers in small studios, who were fed up with programming drums or using drum loops in their songs.
At the same time Major record labels, budgets and studios finally disappearing more and more and, due to this fact, bands and artists started to become 100% “indie” and DIY.

With the massive developments in recording equipment technology over the past 15 years, anyone can now own an affordable recording setup and produce a professional sounding vocal, guitar, bass or keyboard track at home. However, drums have always been, and will always be, the most complicated instrument to record.

Traditionally, in order to have live custom drum tracks on your songs, you would need a recording drummer, a professional Studio with a recording engineer or the appropriate studio space and all the skills to record drums by yourself. This sounds easier than it is. Microphone placement, phasing issues, drum tuning, a good sounding room…Not to mention that a professional multi-channel recording setup for drums is still a big investment these days.

In 2006 I decided to set up an online service for remote session drumming to deliver high quality drum tracks across the globe and to eliminate financial and time wise limitations while recording an acoustic Drum Set.
Musicians, bands and producers send me their tracks online, I record live drum tracks at my studio and then email the high-quality drum tracks back to them. Instead of hiring studios, engineers or drummers, my remote Session service is quick, easy and affordable.
Since I set up my recording service, the client base has expanded rapidly and I had the honor to record drums for a variety of Clients. Major Label Companies like Universal, EMI and BMG used my Service, Artists and Songwriters such as Carl Carlton, Rupert Keplinger, Max Buskohl and MisterME trusted in the Sound of Online Studio Drummer and even the producers Sylvia Massy (Tool, Prince, SOAD, Skunk Anansie), Vincent Sorg (H-BlockX, die toten Hosen, In Extremo) and Christoph Wieczorek (Emils Bulls, Beyond the black, annisokay) have already mixed drum tracks that were recorded at Online Studio Drummer.

How it works


Get in Touch

Contact me with details of your project via email, Skype/Zoom or phone and I will give you an exact quote for your track/s.


After all things are set, you upload your track/s and I go to my Studio, set up the Gear we selected for the Song and record your Drum/ Percussion Tracks.


Once I have recorded your tracks, I will send you an Mp3 of your track with the drums mixed in. At this point we can make any changes until you´re satisfied with the Drums.



When you’re 100% happy with the tracks, I'll send you an invoice via mail. Once payment is received, I will send a link to download the high-quality drum files.
Drag and drop them straight into your DAW and be ready to mix!